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Websites I endorse, love and believe in!

Posture Beads Developed and designed by WIndsor, Canada's own Maria Latouf

Group Hug Apparel WIndsor/Essex Canada's own DOWN SYNDROME HERO 2 years in a row!!!

Bandha Yoga Apparel and Accessories This is the site for the most awesome Tibetan shoulder bags and yoga mat bags in the world, developed by Coco's sister, Michele Daignault

CNN NEWS SPOT about Yoga for special needs: This is the site for Sonia Sumar's method. Coco will do specialized training, to work with babies and infants with special needs, in this method in August, 2015 Where Coco visitied in Spring of 2015

Read about Karen Lord, a Kitchener, Ontario woman who has Down syndrome and is a yoga teacher and author!

More media about Karen Lord.

This is an article published recently about my dear friend Rafe Biggs. In 2004 Rafe fell off a rooftop in Dharamsala not long after we had travelled away in different directions in India. The next time I saw him was when he had returned to his hometown in Indiana, US. Since then I have been blessed to spend lots of blessed time with him in California. We held a workshop together some years ago, attended by caregivers who learned to support their clients with healing stretches, twists, massage techniques, all done in a sustainable way so that both people involved were breathing and using proper physical techniques, good for the body. This was a lot of the foundation of the Modified yoga techniques I use for my most physically-challenged students

Rafe is now at the forefront of some very progressive topics. Enjoy the read and let me know if you would be interested in attending an appearance by Rafe here in Windsor!

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