"Coco" is Nicole Daignault
Yoga Teacher Training, Varanasi, India, 1999
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, 2000

 "Coco" is Nicole Daignault
Yoga Teacher Training in Varanasi, India, 1999

Thai Massage training in Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand, 2003

John McGivney Children's Centre
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for adults with special needs
Italian-Canadian HandiCapable Association
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Listen to Part 1(Linkand Part 2 (Link)  
of a series of interviews regarding Lisa Serran.  
Lisa has been a yoga student of mine for 6 years.  She has had tremendous success at reducing the chronic pain she had experienced due to her severe lordosis and scoliosis.  
In Part 2, hear from Lisa herself!  

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Check out this CNN NEWS SPOT on Yoga for                    disabilities!

cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/04/07/yoga--disabilities.cnn Link

Jordyn Bruner (pictured above), a 23-year-old woman with Down syndrome is in her 7th year of practicing Modified Yoga with Coco!  Her mother, Tracey Bruner, has this to say:  "Since Jordyn has started taking yoga, her muscles are more toned than ever.  She has learned to concentrate on the areas of her body that have caused her discomfort, giving new strength and energy to those areas."

Jordyn herself says:  "I love YOGA because it's good for you and your body as well!"

This is a testimonial written by Verna Whelan, whose sister Tina (pictured above) began practicing Yoga with Coco in 2012.

 "Tina looks forward to attending yoga and uses her yoga knowledge on a daily basis. Her physical strength has increased which in turn has aided in her concentration, her balance and her coordination. Her fitness level benefits her increase in energy, her maintenance of sugar levels for her diabetes and her alertness. She has increased her confidence and she is able to assert herself and have people around her listen! The physical, emotional and mental strength she has gained from yoga increases regularly and adds to her independence and self-confidence."

Coco and Lisa demonstrating Assisted Spinal Twist and Assisted Ankle Rotations:

International volunteer work in India, 2001