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I massaged my children from birth. Reflex points and acupressure points served to calm the babies. I strongly believe it helped with good digestion. I have always used massage, along with yoga, to help heal and restore my own body as well as my children's. My son had a outward-turned right foot. I massaged and gently encouraged correct alignment as he began making more movements and strides toward walking and standing. To this day we continue to work on maintaining strength and correct alignment. My hope is that giving my children a good foundation now, from the feet up and back down again, they will avoid the discomfort and pain that I experienced growing up with scoliosis, outward--rolling feet and no awareness of good postural patterns.

My history as a healer...

I recall giving my sisters massages as a child, posting a sign on my bedroom door that massage was available; undoubtedly our gifts are revealed to us very early on in life! Still I pursued a formal education but when I graduated University in 1997 I was strongly called to travel to the west coast of Canada. It was there that I began to practice Yoga and realized my true calling. While in India, in 1999, I was initiated into Reiki at the same time as I was doing my Yoga Teacher Training. At this time I realized my passion for healing and guiding others toward their release of pain. My formal massage education came in 2000-2001 when I attended AROMATICA, a school of holistic health whose owners and teachers were formidable, There I gained my RMP designations. Experience with my first teacher of Thai massage, Jason Blackman of Detroit Michigan, who is a world-renowned Thai massage expert and who has lived in Thailand for many years now, lead me to want to delve in deeper. Thai massage works much like yoga, in that it moves lymph and improves circulation. I moved to Thailand in 2003 to spend a year living on an island, where I spent countless hours under the guidance of an 80-year-old Thai massage master (the very same who had taught Jason a few years before; Jason is the one who told me about Long).

During that same year, I was trained in Shamanic healing techniques under the guidance of Swami Bodhi Vinod Quetzalcoatal.

When you come to see me for a massage, you will receive a very unique treatment. Based on the guidance your body gives me, I will use the techniques best served for your healing, pulling from Thai Massage techniques, as well as reflexology, Reiki/Energy Healing, tapping, Tuina, and more.

Please contact me with your questions regarding a treatment with me.

My rates are $100 for a 1-hour treatment or $150 for 90 minutes.

For at least our first session together, I suggest booking the full 90 minutes and from there we can discuss your subsequent treatments.

A 2-hour session with me is $200, and includes Thai Massage as well as guidance for your personal yoga practice, based on my discoveries during the massage.

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