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Sunday, February 11th at Lungovita

Guests and day-pass holders will enjoy the workshop, as well as all  has to offer, including

Yoga with Coco at 10am

Thai Massage Workshop for Couples 12:30-2pm

A safe, unique and enriching experience to enhance your connection. Learn to both give and receive the gift of Thai Massage. This workshop is designed for every skill, strength, and comfort level. The techniques require no table, and can be re-gifted to each other time and again!

Teacher Nicole "Coco" Daignault studied the art and skill of Thai Massage while spending a year in Thailand, and has lived internationally and locally as a healer and Yoga teacher since 1999. She will share sustainable body mechanics that make Thai Massage enjoyable for both giver and receiver. Similar to Yoga, the movements bring tone and stretch to muscles, move stagnant energy, and restore the health of body and mind.

Participants are asked to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, and to bring a yoga mat and pillow (also all available at the workshop).

Coco's Famous and Delicious Home-Brewed Chai Tea will be available to participants!

Book now at (link below)

Coco teaches complementary Yoga to Guests and Day-Pass Holders at Lungovita
Saturdays and Sundays 10am

She then is available to book a 30 or 60 minute Thai Massage, in the Healing Dome on the shore of Lake Erie
Come out and see what Lungovita is all about!  

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