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This VIDEO is of Lisa Serran, on the reduction of pain she experienced after a year of weekly Modified Yoga classes. Lisa and I have presented together at a conference at the University of Windsor, as well as have done interviews together on the award-winning program Handi-Link, on

I met Angelina Boschin and her incredibly supportive family in 2016, shortly after she had had reconstructive surgery to help her mobility. Here are the testimonials she and her mother wrote in 2020:

Angelina: Coco's yoga has majorly benefitted me physically and mentally. After each session I always feel stronger, knowing that I am one step further down the path of combatting my disability. Coco's encouraging words push me to try new yoga techniques even when I find them hard at first. Despite all the hard work during sessions there is always time for a wind down, which is where the mental benefit comes in, during this time meditation is practiced. Through meditation I am able to clear the busy thoughts that buzz around my head. This opens the gate for self reflection after sessions and reminds me to sometimes stop and relax my mind every now and then. I honestly couldn't be happier with what yoga had done for my life!

Maria: When I first heard about Coco having a Modified Yoga program, I was excited to see what this would do for my daughter Angelina. Angelina has Cerebral Palsy and it has affected her physically where she relies on a walker and wheelchair. With Coco's expertise, she was able to decipher Angelina's needs and modify yoga movements that would best suit Angelina for strength and to relax tense muscles. Through these sessions I have seen tremendous improvement in Angelina's posture, strength in her movements, and confidence in her walking. This year Angelina was able to walk on her own with the use of canes. It is a true testament to Coco that Angelina can accomplish this task with the support and positive approach that Coco provides through her Yoga service.

This is a 2015 testimonial written by Verna Whelan, whose sister Tina is a 44-year-old woman with Down syndrome:

"My younger sister Tina has been doing yoga with Coco for about 3 years. What started as a trial – a gift certificate from friends for Christmas – has turned into twice a week participation! Tina looks forward to attending yoga and uses her yoga knowledge on a daily basis. Her physical strength has increased which in turn has aided in her concentration, her balance and her coordination. Her fitness level benefits her increase in energy, her maintenance of sugar levels for her diabetes and her alertness. She has increased her confidence and she is able to assert herself and have people around her listen! The physical, emotional and mental strength she has gained from yoga increases regularly and adds to her independence and self-confidence."

About YOGA, Tina herself says: "Yoga gives me POWER!"

Jordyn Bruner, a 19-year-old woman with Down syndrome is in her 3rd year of practicing Modified Yoga with Coco. Her mother, Tracey Bruner, has this to say: "Since Jordyn has started taking yoga, her muscles are more toned than ever. She has learned to concentrate on the areas of her body that have caused her discomfort, giving new strength and energy to those areas."

Jordyn herself says: "I love YOGA because it's good for you and your body as well!"

(BELOW) Dan Clemens, a PhD student, on the benefits of practicing Yoga with Coco at the University of Windsor while completing his Masters:

"Dear Fellow Travelers: I cannot possibly recommend Coco's yoga classes highly enough. It is doubtful that I would have survived the hardships of my Master's degree (now onto my PhD) without these classes to keep me calm and focused, to cope with stress and to feel inspired. Coco is an absolute gem of Windsor, and I would never have gone unless my friend urged me to come, so spread the word about taking advantage of this life-changing opportunity to learn from such an amazing teacher and person! Namaste. "

Audrey Hulsemann, a student at the University of Windsor in 2022, writes:

I joined Coco's Yoga classes over the summer and had an amazing time !! Her classes are strengthening and relaxing, always different and very fun !!! 

I felt my body getting stronger and more flexible week after week ! I would highly recommend these playful classes to everyone !

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