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Check out this recent article written about Coco in the University of Windsor's 

Enjoy this 2021 interview with Coco on Tovah Lala's Podcast  "Get in!  We're Going Healing!"  We talk about all things Yoga, Coco's Yoga story, and more!

Released May 13, 2016: "Run Your Life" PODCAST, featuring Coco 

During this interview, Coco and "Run Your Life" host, Andy Vasily, cover many topics including Coco's personal journey, compassion, non-judgement, the neuroscience of meditation, yoga and mindfulness in the school system, and much more!

For insight on Coco and her individualized teaching approach have a listen!

Click button above to read the article by Kelly Steele!

Thank you for your support and continued interest in Modified Yoga, Kelly!

cjam .fm radio interviews by "HandiLink" host Cam Wells!

Cam has followed the Modified Yoga program's development from the beginning and has interviewed me several times. The interviews may help answer some of your questions and please feel free to contact me if you have further inquiries!

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The above interview, from winter, 2012, discusses the growing Modified Yoga program, which began with a class for teen girls and women with Down syndrome. It quickly grew into specialized classes for a wider range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy and autism.

Below: another interview in the series, from spring 2013, discussing the growing class sizes of Modified yoga classes, the increased benefit of support workers and family members getting involved, including building a home practice. Physical benefits students have been attaining, including core strength and stress relief.

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From Spring, 2015

AS gets updated, additional interviews up to the current upcoming broadcast will be uploaded.

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